Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Backyard Fun

Nothing like spending money you shouldn't have to...

Here is the guy digging out our septic tank under the deck... ah, fixing someone else's mistakes=no fun!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

People You Know

The other night, I ate too much spicy food, couldn't sleep, and laid awake thinking about people I know who are in prison. That's right -- the slammer.

Erin and I had a conversation over coffee the next morning about the murderers who've passed through my life. At first, she didn't believe me, but I was able to quickly locate details on the web regarding several cases from my childhood involving people I knew offing other people. Some using household appliances.

This also got me to thinking about my Great Uncle Emmett. We all thought Uncle Emmett lived in some pretty tough neighborhoods as a youth. We'd sit around at holidays, listening in rapt attention to his tales of people with nicknames like Bug Legs and Roughhead, occasionally accomplices in various punishable offenses. We'd laugh and laugh as he'd move from one story about a guy in a knife fight to another story about a guy getting buried alive. Then we'd stand up, stretch, and go for more ham loaf.

At the time, I thought Uncle Emmett either grew up across the street from a leaky chemical plant or he was off his freaking rocker. But now that I think about it, his stories don't seem so far fetched. In my own relatively safe suburban upbringing, I knew several felons. In one case, a guy we knew in high school, and occasionally scuffled with, ended up murdering his own mother. Take that, Bug Legs.

I don't know what any of this really means or what it says about my upbringing. But I do feel better knowing that I'll have my own supply of stories to build on at holidays when I'm 80, just after we've polished off our traditional holiday chicken fingers and a slice of pie.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I don't know what women who have bio babies feel like before the big day. Is each twinge a possibility? Is there an insane need to get things in order? Do they pack their hospital bags again and again?

We are in a strange and stressful time. We have yet to move into our house (any day now), can't find the hardware to set up the crib (but did find the pack-n-play; any bets on if we ever set up the crib?), and every single phone call feels like "the one." We have our bags packed (mostly), childcare set up, and know every possible air, car and train route to Attleboro, MA.

Last night, Grace woke up having to use the restroom, and when I fell back into bed, I was wide awake (my least favorite thing at 3 am), and soon, my mind had raced beyond my suitcase and magazines I could pick up for the birthmom to willing the phone to ring. I literally tried good ol' mind control for at least ten minutes. But the phone didn't ring.

It rang a few times this morning, each of which brings hopeful runs to pick it up before the machine gets it. And each time, it was Bret, talking to me about septic tanks, gas lines and some other nonsense about the house. I told him: no more phone calls. Unless it's good news. And good news--at this point--is a baby.

We are over the moon to hold our little one, to meet our birthmom (finally) after weeks of phone calls and texts, and to begin life as a family of 5. Now, if only we could settle on a name...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scared Stiff

Grant called me to his room last night, screaming that he was scared.

Mommy: Grant, what's wrong?
Grant: I am scared.
Mommy: Of what? Everything is fine.
Grant: I am afraid that my brain has been switched, and I think I have the wrong brain.

How do you comfort your scared, and potentially crazy, child?

Thursday, May 19, 2011


1. Congrats go to Bret's sister and brother-in-law as they welcome beautiful Natalie Reese into the world. She is so beautiful. We got to see them for a bit at the hospital last night, and we were simply amazed at how alert little Natalie was. She was so small too! We're excited that baby #3 will have a cousin so close in age!

2. We've owned the new house for less than a week, and we are already seeing big improvements. We've taken up 80% of the nasty carpets, pulled down wallpaper, taken down all the window fixtures, painted two ceilings, painted two rooms, and unpacked a handful of boxes. Here is a before picture of one of the rooms; we'll get you some after pictures soon. We had hoped to put all of our extra money toward renovations inside the house, but it looks like we might have to walk around on cement and subfloor for a bit, as we are having to tackle more outside work than we had hoped! Nothing like having your septic tank under your deck! Argh.

3. Baby #3. We continue the countdown to baby 3 (less than 3 weeks). The relationship with the birthmom continues to go well, and we are so excited to be parents to this little girl. There are some small hiccups in the legal end of it all, which leaves us with a bit more risk than we'd like, but we are confidant that the birthmom is steady in her choice.

As far as names, we continue to narrow the list. We know the baby's middle name will be Sierra, as that is her birthmom's name. Sierra is a very beautiful name, but it isn't the easiest to match with a first name. Several names that were early forerunners are falling behind (I hate to say goodbye to Eve, but I think Bret has put the nail in the coffin on that one for now). If you have any ideas, don't hesitate.

We will pack our bags this weekend, as we expect a "get your butts to Massachusetts now" phone call at any point. Now, if only I could find a suitcase and some clothes (not to mention baby things) in all of this mess!

Friday, May 13, 2011

New House

Well, we just closed on the house this morning. Now, off to rip up the nasty carpets this afternoon. Let's keep our fingers crossed that there are more hardwoods than we think! We plan on providing pictures every step of the way, more for our lack of memory than anything else, but you're welcome to join us for our very own home makeover.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Table Saw

If you have a table saw we can borrow, please let us know. We need to tackle new wood floors in the next few weeks, and I'd rather borrow than buy. We'd need the table saw around the end of the month... and for a few weeks. It'll come back to you clean and with a dinner gift card attached :).

Let us know.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Grave Digger

Our latest free outing: The Grave Digger Experience (some monster truck thingy) complete with pictures, tatoos (they promised they were temporary, but Grant still has his) and much more. The next post we'll have to write about our almost free weekend getaway, complete with pictures from the National Museum of the Air Force.