Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Catch up

Some recent happenings:

The best kid snow ever has invaded the midwest, and my kids have played in the glorious, mommy-keeps-her-sanity white stuff everyday.   Trent isn't a huge fan, but he's fine to sit in the sled and watch, as long as the sled does not move.  at. all. 

We visited Santa where he lives, outside of the Walmart photo area.  Again, Trent voted "no."

Our little Wei is going to be the bestest momma one day.  She is the most amazing big sister, and I often find these two snuggled together with Grace patiently reading and rereading the same page again and again.

It pays to be a boy scout, especially when your den leader is some Lucas Oil Stadium big shot and gives an all access, backstage tour which includes the locker room and running plays and sprints on the field. Very cool for a six-year-old.  And his 38-year-old daddy.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Snow Giggles

This is what happens when the season's first real snow comes... giggles by all... but especially Trent.  He's so darn cute!