Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More Off of Our Summer Bucket List

A beautiful three day weekend, and we were able to check some more off of our list!!

First off, two items are finished but with no pictures: jump on a trampoline became visit an indoor trampoline park and eat Japanese food.

But, we did accomplish a few more with pictures.

Have a bonfire
The glories of having land upon land--fire is a kid favorite at our house.  You throw in a tumble in a creek by mommy, and you have Grace declaring it the "funniest day of her life."  All in the name of laughter and childhood, right?

Watch a movie from the 1960s
The original Parent Trap, anyone?  Ah, the smoking and drinking and spousal abuse that can only be from a bygone era.

Just seven school days left... and then, the real fun will begin!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Slow March to Summer

I have received some flack for starting our summer bucket list early.  These naysayers simply don't love summer.  Or fun.  Or both.  We're plowing ahead!

Have a Cultural Experience and Visit a Children's Museum
Thankfully, the Indianapolis Children's Museum is always top-notch!  The Terra Cotta warrior exhibit  is here, and it's all about China.  Thankfully, I know someone from China, so it was extra special to get to celebrate on opening day.  We visited the warriors and the Take Me There--China exhibit.  Fantastic.  The kids had a fun time learning all about Kung Fu during a special break out session, and they were even able to perform for an audience.  They even made the Children's Museum facebook page: HERE.  

Jump at an Inflatable Park
A kid favorite.  Well, if by "kid," you mean anyone other than Trent!

Help with an Outdoor Service Project
This project was great as they were able to help their own school with their own teachers!  A huge win!

Eat at a new Mexican restaurant (El Sol de Tala)
A fun experience with good food!

 Eat Soul Food
Thank you Kountry Kitchen!  Grant fell in love with tips!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014


That's right?!!!?  My baby boy is fully potty trained--even through the night!!!!!!!!  It took about a week and a half, but we have done it.  He was even able to communicate at church this morning about it (thanks, Sara!).  I couldn't be happier and prouder and more ready to be done with diapers.

Most likely forever.  Most.  Likely.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Bucket List

Summer might still be--officially--weeks away, but this summer lovin' fam has started on our bucket list with a bang!

Watch a Civil War Reenactment
This was supposed to be spectacular.  This was supposed to create a sense of awe in my kids.  This was supposed to wake my kids up to the marvel that is history.  It didn't deliver.  My neighbor informed us that he would be using his sixteen neighboring acres to practice a piece of a larger reenactment scheduled for later in the summer.  Come over and watch?  You bet!  He had warned us that there would be muskets and "fake" death and such; my kids were STOKED.  We must have showed up at the wrong time--the BORING time--because all we watched, for like an hour, was the North and South marching.  Marching in a circle. Marching in a straight line.  Marching.  No guns.  No cannons.  No fake death.  As we were leaving, Grant declared the Civil War the "most boring war in history."  

Go camping
McCormicks' Creek was great.  Everyone slept well, except for Momma who was right under the "window" that Daddy staked open.  As great as the park was, I left wondering why we bother: we have woods, a creek, a huge bonfire pit, and a field large enough for the whole of the neighborhood to camp.  Next camping trip=out back!

Visit a State Park Nature Center

Eat Greek food
It might be a gimmie because we LOVE Greek food and eat it like every other day month, but hey, sometimes Mommies deserve breaks too!  Opa, y'all. 

More to come... much, much more to come!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Grace's Note to Grant

I found this during my cleanings today.  I'm not sure what a "butt-butt" is or why Grant would be saying it, but I think this is about as cool a compliment a seven-year-old boy could receive from his doting sister. When asked, she said she wrote down some reasons she loves him.

Dear Grant,

You tell the funnyest storys.  You make me laugh.  You are deskusting (disgusting).  You are gros (gross).  You are cool and awsome (awesom).  And funny.  You say butt-butt.  And you love me.  Love, Grace.

Only a seven-year-old boy could take such delight in being "deskusting" and only my sweet and insightful Grace would know that he would love it and not see it as mean-spirited.  They really are the best of friends, and this momma couldn't be prouder.