Friday, October 25, 2013


Grant just informed me that he's thinking of changing his Halloween costume.  I asked him what he would wear.  He told me black sweats and a black shirt.  I asked him to explain his costume.  "That's easy, Mom.  I'd be the invisible man."

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quiet Afternoons

Daily afternoon reading time--today by the fire.  Doesn't get much better!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We arrived reasonably rested on Saturday, and aside from checking in and braving the worst grocery shopping experience known to man, there is little to report.

On Sunday, we met up with our good friends for some swimming, pizza, and downtown Disney, which was on fire with loads of street performers (very cool).

On Monday, we had breakfast with Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, and Pluto. The kids had a blast, and even Trent loved seeing the characters... from a distance. When they approached, he would dive for Mommy's arms. He almost gave Mickey a high-five but decided against it at the last possible moment. After more swimming and time with our friends, we called it a night.

Trent loved the maraca parade

Grace's favorite: Stitch

Bret with no money left!

One of my favorite pics from the trip

On Tuesday, we hit Gatorland, where Grant and Bret were slated to zip line over the gators. Grant was fearless, even offering to go first. He ran off the end of that six story tower like a pro, flung his arms out wide, and had a blast. He even had the guide fling him as fast as possible a few times. The guides told Bret that he was in trouble that Grant was so fearless. Bret, on the other hand, held on with both hands like his life depended on it.

Getting ready to get bit!

One of Grace's favorite experiences all week. 

Grant and Bret racing on a zipline over gators!

Another trip favorite!

Grant wasn't scared this time; see last time's photo HERE)

On Wednesday, we hit the Magic Kingdom.  Again, thanks in part to good timing and good planning, we didn't wait over 15 minutes in any line.  We rode tons of rides--including a few new ones, watched many a parade, and played the new game, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  The kids had fun, and despite the exhaustion that comes with Disney parks, it was a great day!

A cool shot before we go in!

Getting ready to ride the new Little Mermaid ride!

Grant is the WORST driver ever!

Riding Mommy's favorite ride (The Peoplemover) while Grant and Bret ride Space Mountain

Trent's favorites: The Country Bear Jamboree, The Tiki Room and It's a Small World

Grant and Grace opened secret portals all over with the new card game

Getting ready for the fireworks (behind the castle--which was AMAZING)

Cotton candy before bed: no problem!

A great ending

On Thursday, we recovered.  We didn't get out of jammies until noon.  We swam and had dinner with friends, but there was little we wanted to do beside relax after two powerhouse days back-to-back.

On Friday, we spent more swimming time with our dear friends.  After a much needed nap, we hit Disney's boardwalk for some fun and food!  We watched the most amazing surprise reunion of a serviceman and his young wife.... such an amazing thing to witness.

On Saturday, we headed home.  We are blessed to have three amazing car riders in our kiddos.  We did tire out around Bowling Green, where Bret proceeded to pick the worst hotel KNOWN to MAN to call it a night.  I'll let him post on that later.

We had a great time... and seeing our friends was an extra, extra bonus.  And seeing how we were able to stick so perfectly to our budget, another Disney trip is already in the works (Spring 2015)... gotta go before we actually have to pay for Trent.