Tuesday, March 24, 2015

April's Challenge--Cooking Central

I like to cook, really I do.  But, I have to be honest about the demands of the given day, and often, I am left looking between an empty fridge and the clock, counting down the time until Bret walks in from work and says, "What's for dinner?"

And, because of it, I often fall back on about the same 20 dishes!  From tacos to spaghetti, I've got an arsenal of quick and easy meals that are on-demand performers.

But, this month, I want to stretch that bank of recipes, and I want to cook entirely new dishes.  So, this coming month is going to be simple in concept: when I cook, I'm going to cook something new.  It's not to say that I am going to cook every night because that isn't going to happen, but I cook about five nights a week, and I want to make sure that those nights, we are trying a completely new recipe.

The hard part for me will be the grocery shopping.  As the primary grocery shopper in the family (bad things happen when I send Bret--even with a list), I have a pretty quick "get in and get out" routine that still covers my bases for a lot of different meals.

This month, I am going to have to make a much more detailed list, which will take time and energy--the very things I feel like I am lacking when it comes time to make dinner.

But, I'm committed.  Do you want to join me in my challenge?  Are you excited to try a new recipe (or even recipe swap) almost every night for a whole month?

Pinterest and Pioneer Woman: here I come!