Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Summer Bucket List 2.0

Last year, our first ever Summer Bucket List was a glorious success.  We had so much intentional fun with each other; it made the days easier to organize, and it ensured that we were out and about in the glory days of summer.

Well, this year, we're going to have to start earlier if we even stand a chance of knocking off the majority of our list.  I learned some key lessons last year, mainly about myself (I'd rather go "do" something than stay at home and "make" something), and while I don't want to busy our summer away, the list provided such structure and adventure that I can't imagine not having one ever again!

So, with some repeats from last summer and some new fun thrown in... here's our bucket list for summer 2014.  Even though we hit 91 last summer, I've lessened my expectations this year, as summer is even shorter.  Some are total gimmies (make homemade pizza and go to the library, as we do those weekly)--but some will take some work (hang gliding, anyone?). If you are in the area, come join us!

1. Go hang gliding
Go camping
Go fishing
Go canoeing
Go geocaching
Visit a statepark nature center
Visit a zoo
Visit a children's museum
Visit an indoor play park
10. Visit a science center
Go on a road trip
Go on a roller coaster
Go on a picnic
Go to a play or musical
Go see a 3D movie
Go on a hike
Go on a train ride
Go to the library
Go down a waterslide
20. Send soliders boxes
Take cookies to the firestation
Take cookies to the police station
Shoot bbguns
Shoot bows
Build an archery field
Build a zipline
Splash in a creek
Watch a movie from the 1950s
Watch a movie from the 1960s
30. Watch a movie from the 1970s
Watch a movie from the 1980s
Take diving lessons
Go to Boy Scout Camp
Eat candy for breakfast
Read 10 books each
Have a homemade raft race
Build a dam in the creek
Go to a splash park
Visit an inflatable park
40. Go bowling
Master addition and subtraction facts
Visit Daddy at work
Visit a military museum
Visit a famous house
Visit an art park
Visit a new playground
Swim in a lake
Cannonball off a diving board
Ride a bus
50. Play miniature golf
Visit an Indiana Food Festival
Build a sandcastle
Search for shells
Jet Ski
Boogie Board in the ocean
Visit a famous ice cream shop
Visit the state museum
Watch a Civil War reenactment
Have a bonfire
60. Use a telescope at night
Go to a baseball game
Go to a parade
Watch fireworks
Have a cookout
65. Visit the Rhythm Discovery Center
Fly a kite
Find a new treasure at Goodwill
Purge unwanted toys
Go to a Lowe's workshop
Go to a drive in movie
Have a sleepover with friends
Get face painted
Attend a cultural celebration
Make Jared Boxes for chronically ill kids
75. Plant a garden
Make survival kits for home
Find and write to a pen pal
Learn how to play a new game
Play in the sprinkler
80. Go to a farmer's market
Go roller skating
Bury one's body in sand
Eat Chinese food
Eat Japanese food
Eat Greek food
Eat off a food truck
Play at an arcade
Make homemade ice cream
Make homemade pizza
90. Explore a cave
Visit a waterfall
Feed ducks or chickens
Visit a farm
Go to the Pet Store
Visit a different state capital
Visit the City Market
Make a meal and delivery it to someone who needs a "pick me up."
Pay for the person's food behind us in a drive thru
Jump on a trampoline
Practice typing

Even though school has another month (or more--darn snow days!), I am opening the start of summer bucket list season.  Game on!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


First off, when your only birthday picture is this, you know you are the third child.  In my defense, he is having his little party today, and I plan to get actual photos then.  But, still.  It's a wonder third children have any pictures at all!

Now, as for Trent, he can be so very funny.  He has a lot of words and phrases, can count to 10 and sings a special version of the ABC's (like skip every fourth letter but still keep time kind of special).  He still loves his momma more than life itself, but he will settle for a sibling if he must.  He loves trains, beep beeps, airplanes and other classic boy ventures.  He loves to play outside, which is very different than last summer when he was afraid of the grass and the ground.  He has an opinion on everything, including whether he thinks you should be talking, looking at him or holding him.  You've never heard a kid say: "don't, stop it, leave me alone, and no" more than this kid.  We've got our parenting hands full.

He's progressing with his sensory issues, but we've had a bad few weeks lately, but we've seen such progress over the last six months.  He HATES saying he is sorry--the will on this one could bend steel.  We've recently found out that he has some major thyroid issues, which might explain why he is so very, very small.  He's on the chart, but he only chimes in at the 10th percentile for height and weight.  We'll see a specialist soon, and we hope to get some meds to help regulate him a bit.

He might be small, goofy, and hard to handle at times, but we are thankful beyond measure that we get to be his parents everyday.

Now, as for Miss Grace.  She just finished off her dance season.  She loved dance, and I loved that we picked a little home studio that didn't cost a fortune.  She also just learned to ride her bike with just two wheels, and she couldn't be prouder.  And, to be honest, neither could we.

Grant just finished his first wrestling season (half a season really), and I think we might have finally found his sport.  He likes it, is good at it, and--here's the kicker--it doesn't seem to flare his asthma.  So, I'm glad he has found something in which he can be athletic, all without frequent trips the ER.  He, unlike Grace, has not quite mastered the bike, but he's planning on being a pro by the end of summer!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

SB 2014

What do you do when Daddy has to spend over a week on the road over spring break?  You go with him!  It might not be a glamorous spring break, but we squeezed as much fun as we could out of the Embassy Suites!

Day 1 and 2
Swimming and hotel fun

Trent's "mad face"

Best big sis ever!

At an outdoor mall one evening, there was a short train ride.  Trent was in HEAVEN!  

We decided to surprise Grace with something she's been wanting for some time: pierced ears!  She did great through the first one, but the tears started when the second ear became a reality!

After ear piercing reward: trampoline jumping at the mall!

Day 3
US Space and Rocket Center

Day 4
Bowling Fun

Day 5
Sci-quest (one of my favorite small museums!)

Day 6
Yeah!  Birmingham!  The best part of the trip was hanging out with our cousins and family!  We hit Asher's baseball game and went out to eat.

Day 7: the zoo with Aunt Karen!  The kids loved it, and it was HOT (such a welcome feeling after this winter!), and they were able to ride a camel!  Finish it off with swimming with cousins, and the kids declared it the "best spring break ever."

Day 8
McWane Science Center

Grace and the bed of nails!  Last year, she wasn't happy about this experience.  This year, she was a champ!

 Grant and Grace holding each other tight in the hurricane machine!

We were so happy to go some place warm and with such loved ones near by!