Thursday, February 27, 2014

One Special Little Thing

Grace was one of four kindergarteners selected from her school to have her art work displayed in the Community Art Show!  Her cat, in the upper left, is based on the work of Gustav Klimt (one of my personal favorites!).  She was so proud... and so were we. 

But, I will tell you, I have never been more proud of this little thing than I was today.  A parent in Grace's class, who happens to be her doctor, told me the most amazing story.  She said that her daughter was upset one day, to the point of sobbing.  And as she was sobbing, Grace, who had just been able to cash in all her "good behavior tokens" for a prize, came up, grabbed this friend's hand, started talking and walking with her, and gave the little friend her hard earned prize.

In the words of the parent, "What five-year-old does that?"

I know one.  And I thank God every day that He has a hold of her heart and is molding her into a selfless person who considers others before herself.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Updates--the bad Mommy edition

I'll blame it on the feet of snow piling up around my house.  I'll blame it on the polar vortex.  I'll blame it on being really, really busy.  Whatever the reason, our poor blog has suffered.  And, what's worse--I have taken like 12 pictures in the last two months--shameful.  For what it's worth, here's a quick update: 

Our seven-year-old had his first friend party in which he invited all of his classmates.  We had it at a local dojo, which was perfect.  The kids were able to run around like mad (after being cooped up for weeks), had pizza and cake and a tae kwon do lesson.  This momma had to do virtually nothing!  Best. Mom. Decision. EVER. 

He also competed in his first Pinewood Derby.  His car came in a consistent 5th.  Not the worst.  Not the best.  Loads of fun if you're seven.  Not loads of fun if you're not. 

Grace continues with dance class with her big recital coming in April.  Other than tearing up kindergarten (she's the kid who LOVES school and homework), she is the best helper ever!  Trent adores her; I rely on her--she's a gem!  Here's a recent picture of her from our cousin tubing adventure 2.0!  Yep, that's all I've got for 2 months... and I didn't even take the picture!  Thank you, Mary Hawkins!

Trent has TURNED THE CORNER, ya all!  We are thankful beyond measure for answered prayers!  Trent has been in therapy for half a year, and we were just told by his therapist that he can move on to less therapy!  He still pretty opinionated and struggles with a variety of sensory issues, but he is no longer violent.  Did you hear that?  No more hitting.  No more head butting.  He's starting to trust more and freak out less.  He's making huge strides, and this momma is thanking the good Lord everyday!

 More to come.  I swear.