Saturday, April 30, 2016

Quick Spring Break trip

Gatlinburg 2016

We don't go to Gatlinburg because we love it.  The mountains are pretty, but the go carts, wax museums and sub-par tourist food isn't a real draw for Bret and me.

But, for kids, it's glorious bliss, all within a short drive.  Here's the quick recap, more for me than for you... but nonetheless.

Day 1
Arrive, play, bathe, bed

2. Easter Sunday
Church, lunch, walking and shopping in Gatlinburg, and Magiquest.

Day 3
The movies and rolling down the hill in giant hamster balls, followed by swimming and catch your own trout for dinner.  You know--everyday vacation fun!

Day 4
Glorious hike until the last mile when the three-year-old melted down... followed by shopping and a ropes course.

Day 5
Amusement park fun at Dollywood

Day 6
Go carts, mountain coasters, Magic show fun and more national park romping.

Overall, a great trip... full of plenty of memories, that's for sure.

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Shannon Norrie said...

Headed there in June - thanks for the preview. Happy Spring.