Friday, March 23, 2018

France, Day 8

Today was a debacle. Everything went wrong, but we ended up salvaging it with a great dinner and a great dessert. Some days, you just need a crepe.

This morning, we thought we would head to Versailles. The town was great, and we stopped at a great kebab place for a quick lunch. Then we walked to the castle. It was cold. And wet. And windy. We arrived to the largest line ever (really, really long), and it was outside. In the cold, wet, wind. And even though we had travelled all the way out there, we had to call it. 

So back in the car... And into horrendous traffic. And then we couldn't find our new hotel. Even after several tries, our navigation skills had met their match. We finally prevailed, checked in early and took a nap. 

So the evening needed redemption, and there is no better redemption than great food! So we trekked bank to Senlis (my favorite) to a Michlin star restaurant with a great view. And after dinner, we walked the narrow cart-path streets to find a place for crepes and ice cream. All was not lost, and our great dinner was a great way to close out our time in France.

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